Begone foul 10 bar
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What the hell is this? It's floating above all my windows, cannot be clicked, and is not any application in my dock or menu bar. Have you seen this before?

Extended information. MBP, OSX 10.5. Boxers.
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Try rebooting. Seriously.

(Long answer: It's probably a bug from (some program) and you could go through each of your programs and quit them one at a time to see if it goes away or you could just reboot, get a cup of coffee and have it fix itself magically.)
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I think I've encountered it before and just rebooted, but what a stupid solution.
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And I already went through all my programs, killed the Dock, Finder, all of it. I'm just wondering if someone encountered it already and knows what it is, because my curiosity is driving me nuts.
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I'm going to take a wild ass guess and say it's a volume readout for your sound card. My USB sound module displays something that looks a bit like that when I adjust the physical volume control. It vanishes again after a second or two, when things are working correctly.
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It's not volume control, I have no accessories plugged in and I messed with the volume.
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Pretty sure it's an app called iTunesVolume. Open "Activity Monitor" in your Utilities folder and see if anything it lists looks like it might be relevant to sound or volume.
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I'm wrong, iTunesVolume looks like that. But the Activity Monitor advice is still sound. And when you say you messed with volume, did you mess with both System Volume and iTunes' volume controls, individually?
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I rummaged through my active processes, killing things with wanton abandon and could not locate the item in question. At any rate, iTunes was one of the many apps I closed and reopened.
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Wild ass guess, but it looks like the virtual scrollbar feature enabled on a lot of the trackpads on Windows boxes these days. Maybe the Mac has an equivalent and digging around in your mouse properties will turn it up?
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Assuming that you're not running something you particularly want to keep secret, type this into Terminal:

ps -auxc | pbcopy

Then put your cursor into the Metafilter comment field and hit Paste.
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Hm, kind of looks like a brightness indicator for the monitor. Could it be a OS X (shell) bug?
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WAG #2: Does it follow your desktop with Spaces or is it isolated to a single desktop? You may need to enable Spaces. A few other things I'd try: logging out and back in, enabling fast user switching and switching to a different account and back (it'd be really interesting if it actually followed to the other user account).

If it starts happening with regularity you need to track what applications you've got open or recently closed, when it occurs.

This is very pedantic but your [more inside] contained so few extra lines it would really have been better off in the main question, especially since the operating system is significant.
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Have you looked in the Accesibility Features panel in System Preferences? I've traced a few mysteries back to that bugger.
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ps -auxc tells us what processes are running on your computer. The | pbcopy part of that line copies the output to the pasteboard, which is for some reason what that and the 'pbpaste' command call the clipboard. Thus, you then just paste it into the comment field.

Then, we, your fellow Mefites, look at what processes are running on your system and go, "Ah, seeing flippygoogawackadoodle in your list of processes has reminded me that the Mac application 'Flippygoogawackadoodle' has such an annoying feature. You can either kill it, or here is how you go into that program's preferences and turn it off."

Otherwise, not really much people can do to help you from this point.
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I already logged out and back in, so I can't provide an active process list. I'm more wondering if anyone has seen the same thing and traced it back to something. Thanks everyone.
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I recommend posting to ask.reddit, if only to hit a wider audience (of tech-leaning folk).
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If anyone is still reading this, it came back and I prepared a list of processes, minus ones I know aren't at fault.
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I found the issue. I have Razer drivers installed for my mouse. I configured the scroll wheel to control on-the-fly-sensitivity, which displays as a bar I can control with the wheel. Click the wheel solves the issue.
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