How did Future Peter from Heroes get his scar?
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When/Where/How does "Future Peter" get his scar in the TV series Heroes? I've watched seasons 1-3 and can't remember any instance/scenario where this could have happened. Season 3 spoilers inside.

It has to be at some point where his self-healing power has been stripped, and that happened when his father took away all of his powers. The most likely weapon is Hiro's sword - but I don't remember them coming into conflict after that point. Is this scar ever explained?

If this is something you somehow know will be explained in Season 4, just say that and don't give details, please.
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Judging by this link, it doesn't look like it's been definitively explained yet.
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"Writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite said about Peter's scar, "First, it is not a mistake, Peter can regenerate, but he still has the scar. Secondly, we'll show you how later on in the series. We promise." link

And everything else you read online about it is only a guess. No one knows yet except the writers. On preview.....what Phire said.
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it sure seems like the current team running Heroes has decided Time Travel Is Hard, and done everything they can to remove it from future story lines. Does anyone know if Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite are still writers on the show? I know there was a big production shake up in the first half of Season 3, and it felt like the writers were trying to reset some people who's powers were to um, powerful, like Hiro, Peter and Sylar.

I enjoy Heroes but I try to no think about it too hard.
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The writers of Heroes have a stupid habit of saying things like "We'll reveal this later, promise" and then forgetting about it... Until the next time they're asked, when they say essentially the same thing.

Yes, we swear, you'll learn about Hiro's father's powers (Plural! and we mean it!) later in the first season. Yes, you'll learn about Bob's powers (also plural!) in this season. Yes, we'll explain Peter's scar... soon. And so on and so forth.

Don't expect to learn the scar's provenance. If you do, don't expect they'll be much behind it, or that it will even make sense.
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I never watch the show but I bet they gave Future Peter a scar just so the audience could tell when it was Future Peter and when it was Present Peter. (??)

sorta like a goatee on Spock.
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ian1977 has the most likely reason.

The biggest failing of that show is the way in which they glibly hand wave away huge plot holes. That show is taking hand wavyism to a new level. I'm not talking about the simple idea that superpowers aren't real, because I can accept fictional premises when they are presented, but stupid storytelling glitches that don't even make sense. Just off the top of my head, say, like the simple fact that Syler has so many powers at this point it's ridiculous.
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Of course, ian1977 :) Atleast they didn't dress him in all black and made him more emo.
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like the simple fact that Syler has so many powers at this point it's ridiculous

He may have a lot of powers, but he doesn't always remember how to use all of them at once. Every time he learns something new, it pushes something old out of his brain.
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Every time he learns something new, it pushes something old out of his brain.

You can't be serious?
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