Where can I come out of my shell with other Turtles fans?
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I'm looking for online forums where I can discuss my favorite groups from the late 1960s, especially The Turtles, with other fans. I've looked around but haven't really found any forums that are active.
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Mark Volman of The Turtles is on Facebook. That might be a good place to start.

Also, a recent episode of Jimmy Pardo's Never Not Funny podcast featured Volman as the guest. He shared some great stories from his life, including the days with The Turtles. You can listen to the first 20 minutes for free, or purchase the whole 90 minute episode here.
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Here are a bunch of people listening to and commenting on the Turtles on last.fm. Here are 46 other last.fm forums relevant to the Turtles. (I believe last.fm is available in the US, UK, and Germany; I don't know where you are.)

If those aren't good enough, how about creating a Facebook group, either for late '60s rock or specifically for the Turtles?
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Try the Steve Hoffman music forum. Lots of discussions of sixties bands.
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