Help me help a good new mom intent on divorce.
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Best of friends-- kind person and new mom-- is intent on getting a divorce. As "Angie's List" doesn't have a 'divorce lawyer' section, can anyone recommend a Minneapolis attorney or a system to find one?

To complicate things, hubby is threatening to run away with their newborn and disappear in Canada. I'm able to help her set up a new financial plan-- and she'll follow through like a champ-- but I lack other connections. So, bonus: divorce support suggestions or great advice, as I'm having lunch with her Thursday. (BTW... She's asked for all the great advice I can find on short notice.)
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i know a very good lawyer in minneapolis…but he's not a divorce lawyer. i have no doubt he probably knows one. PM if you would like me to inquire.
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Best answer: I used to volunteer with the LAW program at Chrysalis (now part of Tubman) which offered family law counseling. They offer divorce information sessons (pdf schedule), so that might be a good first step. I have the name of an attorney I met when volunteering, who I could recommend if you memail me. He's in Maplewood, but generally all attorneys in the cities can handle cases in all of the counties.
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I would highly recommend she contact a women's centre. They tend to be experienced in dealing with situations like this. One option in Minneapolis is the Tubman Organization, which provides info and some legal services for women, including family law/divorce/custody stuff and help for low-income women. They should be able to provide appropriate legal help and/or referrals, as well as counselling/emotional support.

ETA: On preview, what cabingirl says.
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Its hard to gauge the hubby from that one comment, but is he really threatening to move to Canada? Or is it a dumb thing he said in the heat of the moment?

Point being, if they can work together, come to some sort of agreement and file jointly sans lawyer their life could be ever so much more pleasant.
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Contact your State Legislator. He/she will probably know a good family law attorney. In fact, here's one I know from my time as a campaign worker.
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call the Bar Association in the city she lives in. with threats of taking a child out of the country, the Bar Association can recommend an attorney with the background necessary to deal appropriately with this type of situation. the minor child may need a Guardian Ad Litem appointed.
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