Help me find age appropriate funny Christmas songs!
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Looking for a couple of funny, tasteful christmas songs that would likely have the backing track available.

Last year my son (7 years old) and I recorded "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas." It was a riot and totally adorable. The karaoke track was commercially available for $2. It's definitely something I'm going to be happy I did in 20 years.
He wants to do it again this year and I'm having a tough time finding something that is funny, age appropriate, and available.
Anybody have any thoughts. Hippopotamus was PERFECT. It's going to be tough to top that. I don't really want to do the standards like Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. Something a bit more obscure....

Any thoughts??

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Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake is a cute song, although the lyrics are more about cake than Christmas.
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The local radio station played "I Farted on Santa's Lap" a bunch around Christmas last year (not sure whether you'll think of "about farting" as a pro or con, or whether you'd be able to get a karaoke track of it, but there's no profanity, and a 7-year-old kid would likely have fun learning and singing it).
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My brother and I love "I'm gettin' nuttin for Christmas" at that age.
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The Animaniacs' version of "The First Noel" is really cute, and you could probably just do it with a backing track of the traditional carol because it's the same tune.
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Best answer: Mefi fave Jonathan Coulton has two funny Christmas songs, Christmas Is Interesting and Chiron Beta Prime (the latter probably funnier to a 7 year old and also downloadable free), and he has karaoke tracks available for most of his tunes.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions! doift, I love Chiron Beta Prime! I'll have to play it for him. I'm sure he will to. Might be a little tough for an 8 year old. Thanks everyone!
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The Barenaked Ladies recorded Elf's Lament with Michael Buble which is really fun. I know BNL has karaoke tracks of some of their stuff available (If I Had a Million Dollars is a popular karaoke track), but I don't know if this is one.
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