Disabled parking in Italy
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Disabled parking in Italy.

I'm travelling to Italy this fall with my father in law. He has a disabled parking permit (issued in BC) but I understand that an official EC wide "blue badge" is required. Is anyone familiar with this situation who can advise me as to how to go about applying for one?
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I don't have an answer, but I'll share what little I know.
{I don't know what BC is. As you're in the US I guess it's somewhere in the US, too.
Assuming you're in the US, my first port of call would be to contact the AAA (or the US Embassy in Italy), they should have difinative info for you.

One thing which almost caught us out (I went with a relative who had a Blue Badge) was that you had to display a
Blue Badge Clock whenever you parked (set to the time you parked) - 4-5 years ago we found that many Fuel stations had them (for free), but I don't know if they still do, so try to get one with the badge (they may be compulsory now. and provided with the badge).

I hope this is of some help.
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I don't know what BC is

British Columbia (Canada).
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Italian Consulate in Vancouver (click "English" at the top)
Canadian Embassy in Rome (English and French are currently giving some sort of scripting error, so here's Italian in case you can read it)
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British Columbia (Canada).
Sheesh! That'll learn me for posting before my first cup of java!
oaf, good
link suggestions, too.
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Resolved (I hope) here.
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. . . and definitely here.
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