Breakfast In Corvallis
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Can anyone tell me of a good place to have breakfast in or around Corvallis, Oregon ? Some place quiet and warm with wood tables, maybe slightly on the natural foods side of dining but not extremely so.

I'll be in Corvallis tomorrow morning and I have searched on the web some. So far I have found:

Sunnyside Up

But iI can't get much of a feel online for any of these places and of course there may be others that I am missing out on.

I would really appreciate any suggestions that anyone has.
Thank you.
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Yelp entry for Sunnyside Up, you may already have it.

Interzone Inc.
Le Patissier
but these sound a little more modern than what you're looking for.

Be warned, some people don't like Darrells. YMMV
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Best answer: Sunnyside up is cute and tasty- but can be a bit crowded and noisy.

Interzone is a funky indi coffee shop....which is fine for afternoon beverages, but I wouldn't go there for breakfast. Mostly because I don't think they have breakfasty items...scones and irony? Sure. Heaps! But no quiche or pancakes.

Le Patissier is a fantastic french pastry shop- but they close when they sell out of food, and if you want the best choices you have to get there EARLY. They can't be beat though if you are looking for an almond creme (SO. GOOD.) croissant and a cup of tea.

Another good place to check out is Nearly Normals, it is a vegetarian restaurant so that may be more "natural foods" than you are looking for, but it is warm, quieter and rather adorable. There is also nice outdoor seating on their back porch.
(Doesn't look like their website has their breakfast items on it, but the potatoes and tofu are fabulous!) (Nearly Normals is also right by the university campus- don't know if that is a selling point or not)

Broken Yolk is another place downtown, rather close to Sunnyside Up actually, that is a little bit hippy and fun. Cute, local food, but I have only been there once or twice.

If that still isn't what you are looking for, New Morning Bakery can be a good place to grab a quick bite- a cinnamon role or a piece of quiche and then walk down to the river front with a crossword.

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I'll second New Morning Bakery, and mention that Nearly Normals in closed on Sundays.
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It's a little off the beaten path, but Sam's Station has a good breakfast that meets your criteria. It can be a little loud, but it's generally warm and sunny this time of year.
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Response by poster: Thank you to everyone who responded. I ended up going to Broken Yolk and it was exactly the kind of place I was looking for. A perfect way to start the day.

- Dave
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