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Can I get notification of amount of rainfall?

I am an absent-minded gardener and I would like to get email notification when the rainfall for my area has been below a certain amount so I know when to water my lawn.

I know I can look it up manually on a regular basis, either online or with a raingauge, but I know I'll forget without an email. (No suggestions for improving my memory or using a calendar, please)

I'm concerned about wasting water or watering too much, so that's why I don't just schedule it for every Sat or whatever.

Are there any services (preferably free) that would email me to let me know that I should water my lawn? I live in north Texas, BTW.
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someone smarter than me can probably figure out how to run this query through Yahoo Pipes
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The problem with relying on something like that is that unless the measuring location is on your block, it could be wildly inaccurate. A summer storm can easily drop an inch on the ground a couple of miles from you yet leave your yard high and dry.

Watch your plants. When you see the leaves start to droop water them. Also, plant native species adapted to local conditions, then you don't really need to worry about it much at all.
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