How do you format "cataloging in publication" data? Is there a standard?
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Typesetting. I'm typesetting a children's book that'll be available to libraries. One of the components to the book is the "cataloging in publication" data (the frontmatter with the Dewey classification for the book and other pertinent info). Right now, the CIP data isn't much to look at. I'd like to make it a bit more attractive, while not modifying the content. Have any of you (librarians? publishers?) had any experience with this? I've looked for some sort of formatting standard, but I can't find anything that spells it out.
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I've seen people do this in a few interesting ways... I've seen it printed out as if it were a library card in an old card catalog, so sort of enclosed in a box with a major heading but then all the other stuff below it in typewriter-y fonts. I've also seen kids' books that have done with this in a handwriting font that made something that is otherwise pretty bland and otherwise ignored look more approachable and interesting. Otherwise, I'm pretty curious about this question as well, since CIP data areas are a pretty visually non-interesting part of most books.
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As a former cataloguer, I've seen CIP information in lots of different fonts. Really interesting choices always made me smile.
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