Are there any affordable one-way tickets to Europe?
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Are there inexpensive one-way tickets from the US to Europe?

I'll be in NYC and want to get from there to Europe inexpensively around Sept. 1. My final destination is Paris, but anywhere in Europe served by the cheap airlines (RyanAir, et al) will work in a pinch. I only need a one-way ticket, and any return ticket will be useless to me. There are plenty of deals to Europe at the moment, but as always, they seem to be for roundtrip flights. Is there anything to be done?
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A quick search on Kayak reveals a flight on Air Berlin on 1 September for $427 from JFK to Orly. I'm not sure you're going to get any cheaper than that.
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I got one-way tickets to Dublin from Chicago on Aerlingus for under $200 in Sept., but I bought 'em a few months back. Give them a shot, though -- pretty cheap.
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2nd Aer Lingus. A week ago they were offering one-ways for $170 from New York to Dublin for your time period, and as low as $140 for later in the fall.
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3rd Aer Lingus. Virgin Atlantic also has good one way fares from time to time.
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$277 from JFK To Manchester, UK?!
Aer lingus is my new expedia.
4thing Aer lingus.
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€249/$353 JFK-Dusseldorf, September 1, Air Berlin website.

Then: a train!

Dusseldorf Airport (there's a train station inside the airport!) to Paris via Cologne (a fifteen-minute platform change) is a bit less than five hours, and on September 2 is just €33/$46 + €3.50 to get the tickets (a special deal) mailed to you!, at the Deutsche Bahn website. I've had DB tickets sent to me before and they arrived in less than two weeks.

You don't need to create a profile to book a journey on their website, but if you do you can print out an itinerary and do a bunch of other cool stuff later on if you use the site more than just once.

So $399 plus some €-change = no RER trains into Paris or skimpy weight restrictions on luggage or six hours at another horrible airport (oh God, Stansted...), and two screamingly fast trains, and your seat reclines. This is what I would do.
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