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Anonymous-cos-they-might-read-it-filter: I want to make some cufflinks for my dad. What sort of glue do I want to bind things onto findings? What do I want for plastic and for metal (say, typewriter keys)? I can't weld or solder, so was wondering how other people made them.
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(I like epoxy, the kind that comes in two tubes and you mix it. I've had good luck sticking all kinds of things to other things with that stuff.)
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I've made typewriter key cufflinks in the past, for gifts and for selling, and have used LePage's Metal Epoxy with good results.
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I'm a crafter and I would use Diamond Glaze. It's a dimensional adhesive that dries to a glass-like finish, is very strong, adheres to just about anything (including metal), and is totally non-toxic.
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J-B weld (or other 2-part epoxy) is pretty awesome for that kind of thing.
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I can vouch for Diamond Glaze, too.
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Nthing Diamond Glaze, though it can be a little hard to find, or I often use E-6000 adhesive when I make jewelry from found objects.
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Mmmm. Love J-B Weld. It's awesome. I attached motorcycle sprockets together and it held beautifully.
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