How to install Office 2007 with a key, but without the packaged software
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Office 2007. PC reformat. I have a valid product key. I don't have the original packaged software. I download the trial version, but it won't accept my old product key. What now?

I can't find a solution to this use case.
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Is it possible that you had an OEM version of the software? Often if the software comes bundled with the machine, it features a different type of key than the downloadable version. If that's the case, you can either contact the manufacturer and repurchase the disk (which can cost roughly $25.00 or so, or find someone else who has a workstation made by the same manufacturer with the same version of Office 2k7.
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You could solve your dilemma by acquiring the software via torrent. This might present a kind of ethical dilemma, of course, but this concern could be evened out by your valid product key
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If you need to limp by on an office suite until you can get your MS Office up and running, may I recommend Open Office? It's free, and does everything MS Office does. The learning curve and interface differences can be bit of a challenge, but the basic operations are pretty much the same.

You may even wind up using it all the time. I do.
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Occasionally the license is linked to a specific package (one of the reasons I loathe product activation). If you don't have the exact same version, the key won't work. For example, if your Office package did not include Access, and the trial you downloaded included Access (even if you chose not to install it) the key probably won't work.

Torrent might work, but I'd be skeptical - there are occasions when the torrent includes things you definitely do not want to download. Unless you have access to someone else's physical disk, I wouldn't trust it without a thorough scan at a minimum. However, if you're willing to risk the chance of it containing a trojan or similar, personally I'd have no issue with downloading the program via torrent and using a valid key if you've lost the original media. As far as I know, it is still legal to make a backup copy of the install media just in case. I don't think the license specifically states you have to make the backup from your own personal disk.
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Also, OpenOffice is great for anyone who doesn't also need to rely on the software packages that depend on Office, but for those who need them it isn't usually an option. Things like plug-ins, add-ons, etc. Sure, the new verison of EndNote works with OpenOffice, for example, but if you are stuck with X2 you need Word.
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The best place to get help with your question is here:

There's a link at the top of that page called "Converting Office Trial to Full Version", it may or may not be the same process you tried already. Otherwise, Microsoft employees do read and particpate in that forum and should be able to help you out.
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Sorry, should have linkified that.
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Grabbing sand is right. Torrent the iso. If you are lucky you can find the correct iso and your product key will work. Otherwise just use the cracked version.
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You could call Microsoft. Also, it possible to legitimately purchase media sans license (but you'd need to know the exact product). Media can usually be had for less than $25.
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Call the Microsoft Supplemental Parts Team at 800-360-7561. Tell them that you have Office 2007, lost your install media, don't know which suite you had, but that you can give them your product number. They'll hook you up for under $30, and give you a second license key to boot.
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You could solve your dilemma by acquiring the software via torrent.

So ... yeah ... that solved the problem in a shockingly simple and straightforward fashion.

I feel dirty. But I have a valid product key, I swear!
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