Do you remember a magazine for left-handed people?
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When I was about 7 (1992ish) my parents got me a subscription to a magazine for left-handed people. The magazine opened backwards and contained stories and features about famous lefties. I tried Googling for it but have no idea what this magazine was or if it still exists. Anyone know anything about it?

I remember being really excited about this magazine and subscribed for at least a year. I'm pretty sure it was the early 90s because they wrote about George Bush Sr. (I think he was a cover boy once.)

I'm feeling nostalgic and this would be quite nice to see again. Thank you in advance.
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Well, it looks like there was once a magazine called "Left Handed Magazine" (Ronald Reagan gave them an interview). I've seen a few references, but no Web site or links to buy or anything of the sort.
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Being Left Handed has the sort of information you mention.
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