I want to post my own online poker tournament. How do I do this?
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I want to host my own online poker tournament with my friends. How do I do this?

Ideally I would want a program that runs as the server client, and everyone connects to my IP. I am able to set the rules (starting chips, timing of blind increases, etc) and play a tournament with 8-12 friends.

I've only found one option that fits what I'm looking for, but I was hoping to find a free option. http://www.briggsoft.com/pmavens.htm seems to be the closet thing I can find.

I don't want to use a poker site that offers the ability to create free rooms.
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It's not clear why you do not want to use a poker site, so how do you feel about Yahoo! Games? The upside is that it's easy to use, and the downside is that you don't have as much control as you listed there.

Other than that, a quick search for "poker" on SourceForge gave me the free/open source Spi Poker.
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I do some work with Ladbrokespoker.com and they offer "privat tables" for free as part of their offering. It is UK only.
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Response by poster: Yahoo! doesn't let you do tournaments. You just get your chips and you play. I'd like to be able to customize the rules, have multiple tables if I have enough people, etc. Or, just simply a one table Sit n Go style tournament.
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If everyone involved has an xBox 360 with a live account it looks like you can do this with Texas Hold 'Em.


I know you probably are looking for more generic solution but the xBox live games work pretty well and even people who own one forget that they can play board and card games.
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