Knick knack hoarder organization
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Help with affordable storage for a knick knack hoarder.

I'm looking for some sort of wall shelfing unit to hold a ton of various knick knacks for under $100. I may be tempted to spend more if something blows my mind. I've come across this which I really like and this, although I would need more than one from the second picture. None of the knick knacks are very big, no more than 5 inches so I'm not looking for book shelves that will have a lot of unused space from where the knick knacks end and the next shelf begins. I've already looked on Ikea and didn't see anything I liked. Or if there is another creative way to store and display my things that I'm not thinking of, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!
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Going to an old salvage yard might bring up some pretty cool options for super cheap. Then you can clean them up and paint them.
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To find something like the second link, you need to look for a Typesetter's drawer or tray.
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Someone could make something like the second one for you using balsa wood (really cheap) for the shelves and pine for the edges and you could just paint it. It would be tailored to you and cost $100 or under.
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Ikea definitely has wall-hanging boxes that look almost exactly like your second link for, if I remember right, about eight dollars each. I can't see them in the catalog, but I definitely saw them in the store (Brooklyn) around Christmastime.

They're unfinished and paintable wood (pine, I guess) and about 24 x 18 inches with, um... sixteen compartments? Twenty four?
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