French-language versions of English pop songs?
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I'm looking for French-language versions of well-known English-language pop songs. Any genre or era. (Bonus points for French versions of the New Wave songs from my youth...) My wife and I are learning French together, and I think this would be a fun way to add some color to that process.
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The group -M- does a great cover of the Cure's "Close to Me". I don't know how direct the translation is, though, and part of the chorus is still in English.
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New wave, you say? Try Plastic Bertrand's "Ça Plane Pour Moi," the French version of "Jet Boy Jet Girl" by Elton Motello/The Damned.
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"Dis Lui," the French version of "Feelings" (gack)
Blondie's "Sunday Girl" en Francais
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The French version is the original in this case, but Laisser tomber les filles and Chick Habit?
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Forgot to mention: I'm especially looking for songs I can download from iTunes U.S. And oinopaponton, French originals are okay. I figured some English-language pop songs started in French, so I didn't specify just French covers. :)
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Well, they mostly sing in English, but Nouvelle Vague will make you feel Frenchy.
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i won't help with your learning french, but as a study in phonetics and accents, check out the Scala and Kolancny Brothers choir - they are mostly french speakers who are covering well known pop songs and most of the singers don't speak english, so it's all done phonetically. one of my favorites is "too drunk to fuck".
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damn it - yes, nouvelle vague, not scala and kolancny - i knew i was going to do that.
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Comme d'Habitude is the French version (original?) of My Way..
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Jacques Brel's "Le Moribund", the song from which "Seasons in the Sun" is based, is great fun, though it's not a one-to-one translation (amusingly, the reference to infidelity was eliminated for the English translation).
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Well, if you're okay with French originals, then the most famous choice would have to be Charles Trenet's La Mer/Bobby Darin's Beyond the Sea.
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Alain Baschung sang Suzanne, by Leonard Cohen (on Bleu Pétrole)
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Ladyhawke's Paris Enflamme is nice and clear.
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Anarchie pour le UK!
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Different language pair, but Wir Sind Helden does a French version of their hit Aurélie that's lots of fun and easy to sing.
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oh, and the mention of Wir Sind Helden reminds me: David Bowie did both French and German versions of "Heroes."
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A few 60's classics:

Paint It Black by Marie Laforet, iTunes, YouTube

Mal (Hush) by Johnny Hallyday, iTunes, YouTube

Heureux Tous Les Deux (Happy Together) by Frank Alamo, not on iTunes, YouTube
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Celine Dion

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This, by Les Enfoirés, is my latest earworm. It's a cover of an old Status Quo tune, but the words have been changed so I dunno if that fits your request.
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French pop star Alizee sometimes records both English and French versions of her songs.
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Noir C'est Noir
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Blondie's French version of "Sunday Girl" (she recorded several of her hits in French) might fit. I am also going to recommend Sheffield's best Serge Gainsbourg-esque band "The Lovers" - you might like their cover of "The Love Cats". Finally Yves Montand' "Les Feuilles Mortes" is the song you may know as "Autumn Leaves".
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The Beautiful South, "Les Yeux Ouverts (Dream a Little Dream of Me)." Warning: This rendition is both beautiful and toe-tappin' catchy, and you will find yourself singing/humming/whistling it excessively often. Here's their English version. Don't say I didn't warn you.
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Yannick did a French-language version of The Four Seasons' "December 1963 (Oh, What a Night)". A rappy, fabulous version.

Ces Soirees-La.
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Probably not what you're looking for, but I always liked this one.
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I was in Quebec a few years ago and we heard a french male version of Toni Braxton's Unbreak My Heart just about every hour. It was crazy!

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find this is useless. Still, I would recommend it if you can find it!
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Sorry - just found this link to "La Le" by the afore-mentioned Lovers. Suggest you and your wife record your own version of this and post once you have mastered the vocabulary.
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Histoire a suivre, by the Honeymoon killers. I felt so hip listening to this in about '82. Can only find the live version on Youtube, but I am sure you can ITunes it.

Actually from Belgium, francophone part, I assume.
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Oh sorry, yeah that doesn't have an English language version. Oops forgot to take my Adult ADD pills.
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Toujours un coin qui me rappelle (Always something there to remind me)
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