Where can I get 2,4-DNP in Denver or by mail order?
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Looking to buy 2,4-Dinitrophenol in Denver or good mail order company. Can't seem to find one that I recognize on the Internet and I don't trust just anyone. Any suggestions?
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Alfa Aesar and Sigma Aldrich are two big chemical vendors that we (I work in a research lab) typically buy from. I have no idea if it is any different for individuals. They both have 2,4-DNP. I guess you would save on shipping if you can find a local source.
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May I ask what you want to do with it?
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OT, but what's the health and fitness application of 2,4-DNP? IIRC (which I may not, because this is from high school) it's a mitochondrial poison that causes potentially lethal fevers.
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I was curious enough to look it up in Wikipedia and it's apparently used by bodybuilders and others as a means to increase metabolism and burn fat. It supposedly was widely used in commercial diet pills during the 1930s until the side effects became better known.

I _assume_ that's what the OP wants, and would guess that there would be some kind of bodybuilder network that knows how to use the stuff safely and where to get it. If I were the OP, I'd be checking bodybuilding magazines and web sites.
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The powers of Wikipedia will never cease to amaze me. You realize this means some person was bored enough to type out three pages on an obscure patent medicine from 80 years ago---of his own free will?

In which case, the OP should ask his bodybuilder friends and not source it from a chemical supplier. It may be 99% pure, but just because the last 1% won't interfere with somebody's chemistry project doesn't mean it's safe to eat.
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