Who is this mystery image from?
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Please help me identify this anime-esque image.

I'm fairly certain it's not from any anime I've ever heard of, plus it doesn't really strike me as being from an anime. If I had to guess, I'd attribute it to an online artist somewhere.

I found the image quite a while ago on Stumbleupon, hosted on an image hosting site with no context whatsoever. Recently I pulled it out and made a wallpaper out of it, and I'd like to be able to attribute the image to the original artist.

If anyone recognizes the artist, or could provide a lead better than "go check deviantart" I'd appreciate it.
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Plenty of hits over at tineye.com; maybe some of them contain more information.
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That looks like cover art from a fantasy or SF book to me, not like anime.
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I've looked through all of them and none seem to identify it.
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Longshot but: if this is a skiffy-styled take on Cinderella, you might try looking for Cinderellas.
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Best answer: Artist is Kimura Daisuke (AKA pepe), original homepage here (NSFW-ish), but now has a page on pixiv here.

Here's the picture on Danbooru (NSFW), which I found by searching for the tags 'hug' and 'planet'. For future reference, this is your go-to place for searching through obsessively-tagged anime-esque images, although be warned that it's mainly porn.
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