Toasty ceiling fan?
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Ceiling fan heaters. Have you had one? Have you read or heard anything about their safety? Help me find a good heating solution for an attic room.

We have an attic apartment that doesn't get much heat. The main room is 16 by 12. An oil-filled space heater helps a lot, but it could distribute the heat better and I'm always looking for something safer. I've seen a Hunter and a Reiker heater ceiling fan and they seem like good solutions. Google-fu turns up little to nothing on the safety record of these devices. Any experiences or info?

I'm also open to other suggestions for safe, efficient space heaters for a room this size. Thanks, MeFites!
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Do you have a lot of variability of heights using the room? I was the tallest person in a building that had ceiling heaters (not these, and these look like they distribute heat much better than the ones they had), and had a permanently hot head when standing.

The fan distribution may ameliorate this, but I'd still be worried about slightly frying tall people. If you're all barely over five foot, this is probably not a problem though!
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I don't know how well these heater fans work but I am somewhat amused that they require a more expensive fluorescent bulb when a regular incandescent bulb would be very efficient at producing heat.
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