Looking for code to pull in Last.FM playlists into my site.
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I don't want to betray anyone's trade secrets here, but what is the html or js code or query string for pulling in playlists from Last.fm, as is done for us on our profile pages?

Been searching a bit here and on last.FM, and am not finding it. Also welcome any other resources that interact similarly with other social networking sites. Thanks?
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Have you tried View Page Source? You can find all kinds of HTML goodness with this trick.
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Have you looked at this?:

Last.fm widgets
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Just grab the RSS feed for the playlist and embed it in your page?
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User.getRecentTracks? You'll need to apply for an API key, and some programming ability. Here's PHP, Perl, Python, or Ruby. You could also just grab the RSS feed, but where's the fun in that?
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Great answers all. Thanks very much for the quick feedback.
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Have you tried View Page Source? You can find all kinds of HTML goodness with this trick.

First thing I looked at. The MeFi profile page only shows only the return results. The widgets are also great, but I am not running WordPress on my site, so can't do much with them. Motorcyles are Jets has it: exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again.
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I think you're looking for: Last.fm API
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There's an even easier way to do it without any real programming ability.

I use Feed Informer to create a "digest" from my Last.FM "Recent Tracks" RSS feed. Feed Informer pulls in an RSS feed and turns it into HTML, which can be included in your site's design using their provided JavaScript. I use the following HTML digest design on the Feed Informer backend:


Then in my site's CSS, I added the following classes to change the way the Feed Informer logo and list items display:

.fdpoweredby, .rss-items, and .rss-item.

Pretty quick and easy!
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Hmm. On this line (%TITLE% <> %TIMEAGO,SHORT% <><><>), that first tag was meant to be a link tag around %TIMEAGO,SHORT%, pointing to URL %URL%; the two tags following were br tags.
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