Mac Operating Temps
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Mac operating temps...MI

We have an older IMac that is in a breezeway that's not heated. As it's getting colder, I'm somewhat concerned. Should this machine be given a warm, coozy spot inside?
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From this PDF, the operating tempurature range of an iMac is 10° to 35° celsius.
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Response by poster: Oh. Shit. Thanks.
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FWIW, I've kept my snow iMac in my sometimes unheated house for several winters where the temps dropped into the low 40's and have not had a problem with it at all.
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I would think that barring a DRASTIC temperature drop (and by drastic, I mean lower than most indoor places get), your computer would actually benefit from lower temps.
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This is definitely true with my Titanium PowerBook. These things have easily triggered fans. Working indoors, the fan is on far more than I would like. If I take it out on the porch on a coolish day, however, the fan hardly starts up.
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your computer is constantly making heat inside that lovely iMac case, so keeping it in a cooler room will probably make it happier.
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The machine will love the cold! It generates heat!!
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