Naughty iPhone pix, we wants it
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I would like to put naughty pictures on my iPhone without using iPhoto, preferably with a lock, so people can't accidently browse the porn stash. Is this possible and if so, how?
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I don't believe there's a native way of doing it (sure, there may be an app out there to do it, but I haven't seen one).

Is your iphone jailbroken? If not, consider it. If so, install apache, create a folder and move your naughtypics there and use htpasswd and htaccess to password protect. From Safarii, browse to http://localhost/pornybits anter a password and enjoy!
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Best answer: I've never tried it, but I remember seeing an app awhile back that said it would make your pictures private. I hit up google and this was the first result:
private pics

I don't know if it's any good (or the one I saw previously), but seems to do what you're asking.
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upload the pics to a dedicated picassa account, make the album not public, access the photos using the iphone picassa app...
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The new Mobile iDisk app is a perfect solution, assuming you pay for MobileMe.
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Best answer: you want an app called "video safe" its 3.99 but its perfect.

has two passwords, one will unlock your best pics, one will unlock innocuous pics as a decoy.
wrong password entry will unlock your innocuous pics (you can turn this on or off)
double tap the screen to lock
home button instantly closes and locks
view video and pics (video has to be in a iphone supported format)
upload over wifi: your phone and computer have to be on the same wifi, you put in the IP of your phone, and the password if you have it set that way, and upload pics to the phone through your webbrowser.
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Try using a file syncing app. I use Air Sharing (free several months ago, may be pricey now) for pdfs, bus schedules, etc. It doesn't lock, but other people are unlikely to ever run the app to stumble upon your porn stash.
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on the file syncing app idea, look at zumo drive, its free and it replaced air sharing for me
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FYI there's an as yet unpatched vulnerability on the iphone.
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...and update available.
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FileAid is a free application for iPhones which allows you to move various types of file, including graphics, to the iPhone, and includes a viewer. The app itself can be password-protected so that you can't launch it without the password.
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