Inadvertent Gmail Spoofing
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I have the strangest Gmail issue. My account was hacked and while google responded very quickly I am left with an odd result after my account was returned to me.

So, in their recovery form, Google asked for an alternative contact email address. I send one to them: and was directed on the recovery. After it was done, when I log in under, Google shows in the top right, but Gmail shows Plus, when I send an email from Gmail, the recipient sees, though if they reply it goes to To make maters more confusing, when I send an email from, I also receive the email in my Gmail account as if it was sent to it from

I have been trying to contact Google about this, but while they are extremely good with form requests (I had the account returned to me within two hours, even with an initial error on my part) there does not seem to be any way to send them a pure narrative request. Plus I have been able to find nothing useful on the Web. Any help would be appreciated.
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under settings: accounts

is the default mailing address or
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Response by poster: It is, but while there is a button to edit, changing the default is not an option -- I can only change the name. It does however list name at gmail as a reply-to address
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is a "send mail as" option under the accounts setting? if not, you could add the email address (under "Add another email address you own"), and hopefully that pops up the option to default to
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Response by poster: Nope, the only send as is, with no options to add more.
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When you compsoe an email, is there a drop down box that will let you select from one or the other?
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Response by poster: No.
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Is it possible that your 'name' (First and/or Last) in your gmail account settings actually contains that other email address, instead of 'rtimmel' or however you prefer to be addressed? This could explain why all your emails seem to be 'from' that other email address (they really aren't, they just look like it).
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