Advice on constructing a sellable leash please!
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Had an idea for a new design of dog leash and want to make and hopefully sell it. I've had a heck of a time finding a source for all the little locking/clasping components found on your typical leash. How do I find them?

It could be the little plastic locking clasp, or the metal variety, it doesn't matter too much at this point. We checked out the offerings at the local giant hardware store but they seem unsuitable, and I'd really like to find them in bulk and save a few bucks.

Also, any recommendations on fabric would be great!

Thanks for any help!

Here's a couple links incase it isn't clear what I'm looking for

Metal clasp

Plastic clasp
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Metal Clasps
Plastic Clasps
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Those metal kind are called swivel snap-hooks and McMaster-Carr has a large assortment. Also, if you need beta testers for new leashes, let me know.
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Farm/ ranch supply and tack (horse stuff) stores sell a wide assortment of the metal snaps which would be good for prototype development. They are generally $0.50 to $2/ea depending on the size and material (you don't want the cheap chrome or nickel-plated ones because they break, get brass or stainless). Many of those stores will also carry or be able to get you a variety of nylon, cotton and leather straps in a length and width appropriate for larger dog leashes.
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Best answer: Once you've got your prototype worked out, check out Ali Baba for large numbers of just about any item.
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Best answer: should have everything you need
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Best answer: if you're going to make leashes, especially something you've designed and manufactured yourself, please make sure you do proper stress testing before selling them!
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