Suggestions for pet-proof rugs
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Seeking recommendations for pet proof rugs (not wall-to-wall carpets) that feel and look great and really work

My boyfriend has hardwood floors throughout his place, including the bedroom. Between the two of us, we have four dogs; two large, one medium, and one small. The pitter patter of little paws on hardwood floors is really getting to him when he tries to sleep. He refuses to get a rug for the bedroom on the grounds that it will absorb general dog smell and the smell from any accidents that may happen. I've looked into stain-resistant rugs, but I'm not sure how well they work on keeping out odors.

I'm looking for a large rug, 10' x 10' or somewhere in that area. My criteria are that it looks like it belongs inside a home, not on a deck or in an office, it feels comfy on the tootsies, it will absorb the noise made by all the little paws, and it won't absorb smells or stains. I'm not looking for carpeting, just a rug. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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Do you have access to an IKEA? We bought two of their bigger rugs when we moved into our house about four years ago and found them to be bizarrely and unexpectedly pet-resistant. We just replaced them only because we're redecorating, and they still looked pretty darn close to new.
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Lowe's is having a 50% off select area rugs sale this weekend, if you're anywhere near the US. They had some very attractive samples in the flyer I got in the paper.
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We have some Ikea Erslev rugs that are smaller--6' x 3', I think. They fit into the washer. That's how we deal with it. They have held up really well and were pretty cheap.
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I'd try FLOR carpet tiles. Very customizable, and pet friendly.
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Seconding FLOR - because they are tiles, they have the advantage of being removable/replaceable in the event of really gnarly messes. When our cats make a mess, I can wipe up the stain and then run the affected tile under the faucet to make sure it's really clean! they seem to dry well.

they come in a large variety of attractive designs. i think you can get them at Crate & Barrel and also online at the FLOR website.

Oh, and often they are made of recycled materials so they're relatively earth-friendly, too, if that's a consideration.
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Thanks for the great suggestions. I have a special place in my heart for Ikea, so I'll probably make a trip there soon and check it out. The Flor tiles are pretty cool, too.
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