Cursed by the wrong cursor
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Where, oh where, can I download a right-pointing cursor? I'm left handed (and have set up my mouse accordingly) but it twists me to use the standard-issue northwest-pointing cursor. I have searched Versiontracker to no avail. I'm using Leopard Version 10.5.7, if you care. Yes, yes, I know that there are bigger problems in the world.
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Unsanity's Mighty Mouse. Note that this version is still in beta (2.0b) and has not yet been finalized, but reports are that it works with Leopard.
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At the risk of saying something obvious, cursors are just tiny graphic files, and you could probably use an image-manipulation program (sorry, but I dunno which one--not a Mac guy) to do a horizontal flip.
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ImageMagick will batch-flip image files, but this still poses a problem. I imagine OS X interprets the top left of the cursor image as its tip, regardless of its actual graphical shape, so that set of cursors that were merely flip would thus become imprecise.
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Hmm. But the crosshair cursor's tip is in the middle, right? Is this something that happens within the operating system, or is it something that's contained in the .ani/.cur file (uh, it'd be .ani/.cur if it was Windows--like I said, I'm not a Mac guy, and at this point I've pretty much hit the wall of both my cursor and Mac knowledge)?
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Mighty Mouse (Which links to above) can apparently reconfigure the hot spot of the cursors.
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Awesome. Give a woman a cursor, and, uh, I forget how the rest of that goes.
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...she can point you to the world!

or something like that.
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The cursor's active spot is indicated by a "magic pixel" (at least, that's how the Mac handled it pre-OS X, back when I goofed around with ResEdit).

Also, fwiw, MS Word actually uses a NE-pointing cursor to indicate that you are pointing at a whole line, rather than the usual NW cursor. If you use Word, you'll lose that distinction.
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The cursor's active spot is indicated by a "magic pixel"

In Windows (and X, and many other formats), the coordinates for the active spot is given by a special "hotspot" property in the file's header.
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