Looking Not to Melt in New Orleans in August
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My erstwhile traveling companion and I are going to visit The Big Easy in the dead of August, specifically the 13th - 18th. What would be some activities we could do during the daylight hours to keep cool and out of the sun and are there still any Goth nights or the like to entertain us after dark? We are pale, Gothy types who have been to NOLA a few times but never this time of year.
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Make sure not to miss this amazing show at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Moved me to laughter and then moved me to tears.
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The Goth scene is still alive here (pun intended?).

There's a cool coffee shop Uptown called Z'otz where the Goth kids hang. Lots of coffees and teas, vegan pastries, etc.

You'll probably like to hang out on Lower Decatur and Frenchman. Pravda is a neat bar - dark romantic Russian theme. They serve absinthe and have a cool back patio. The Dragon's Den has Goth nights on Sundays.

I have a friend who is into the Goth scene - I'll check with her and see if she has any more suggestions.
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The Audubon Insectarium is worth the price of admission, and it's air conditioned. So is the aquarium. Not Gothy, but cool.
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