Because I don't want to spend my entire holiday trapped in the house
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Cooking Classes? Craftyness? I'm looking for recommendations for things to do in Toronto in the last couple weeks of August.

I've been travelling for work a lot this year and for my time off I'm thinking about just staying in Toronto. I have three weeks off at the end of August and some of that time will be spent lazing about but I wanted some structured activities.

Do you have any recommendations for classes or other things to do? I'm not super sporty so I'm thinking more along the lines of cooking or crafty type things.
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We were in Toronto last fall, and I was incredibly jealous of your Harbourfront Centre. I can't speak of any of the classes or workshops personally, but when we were walking through I really wanted to have the time to take the glass blowing workshop. If we had such a place where I live, I'd practically move in.
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I'm not super sporty either, but if I had some free time I'd love to take an adult swim class - the "sharpen your strokes" kind. I already know how to swim, but I'd love to do it better and learn some other strokes.
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Juggling classes at the circus school?
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Last couple of weeks of August in Toronto always means the Ex. Grab some friends and be kids again.
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Take a kite to Ontario Place and fly it on the lake side of the site where's there's usually a good breeze.
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Sorry for being late to the party, but if you're looking for cooking classes and food-related events, I've found the blog Taste TO to have some very comprehensive and up-to-date listings of what's going on, if you're at a loss for where to look. (Can't attest to any class in particular; I'm out of the country for school, but I AM homesick so I check blogs like this all the time. Maybe less homesick with the strike, though.)
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Thanks all!
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