Yiannis Ziros in LA?
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Looking for Yiannis Ziros.

I have an obsession with super-soft, 100% cotton t-shirts in plain gray and/or white. They are harder to find than you might think. American Apparel makes good ones, as does D&G. I used to buy the D&G ones from a blocchista in Milan, but can't seem to find them here in LA without a ton of writing and logos on them.

So, two part question:

1. When I was in Athens in the summer of 2005, I bought two very soft, very comfortable undershirts under the Yiannis Ziros brand. I have been unsuccessful in finding that brand in the US, and their website appears to not have been updated since 2004. Does anyone know if they are still in business, and if their undershirts are available in the US?

2. Where in LA can I buy plain gray or white D&G t-shirts, or other t-shirts of comparable quality?
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Not what you're looking for, but what's wrong with American Apparel? They're based in L.A. and shouldn't be hard to find.

As for D&G, ask a manager of a store if they still carry the blank shorts.
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American apparel is a thicker cotton than I like, though I still have several shirts from them.

Managers of D&G stores don't have inventory visibility like that. I have asked at multiple stores in the US (both coasts) and in Italy. The plain ones I have come from wholesalers and involved me digging through big warehouses in Milan.
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If you're looking for something thinner and softer than American Apparel, but still reasonably priced, I strongly recommend Alternative Apparel. Depending on how thin you're looking for, their "Perfect T" line is worth considering as well -- a little thinner and softer than the standard.

They can be purchased online.
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I bet Simon Cowell would know.

(sorry, couldn't resist)
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