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Moving to Lubbock, questions about Cable/Internet providers (suddenlink vs NTS), dining, and more.

I am moving to Lubbock from Austin, TX. To Attend grad school, yes I realize that Lubbock will be a shock compared to Austin, etc. I am seeking advice on a few things:

Who is the better internet/cable provider? Suddenlink or NTS, I viewed both their websites and I've found negative reviews and positive reviews for both. It really looks like Suddenlink is exactly what I have (Time Warner) and NTS is a smaller company.

Where is a good place for breakfast tacos? (non chain please)
Same for Mexican (non chain, and not Abuelo's)
Hamburgers? (non chain as well)

Family entertainment?

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: We've never had anything except Suddenlink's 8MB Internet service, but have been 100% pleased with both the service and the company. Twice in the past five years we've had speed/connection problems. The first time, the tech spent hours working in the alley and in the house to fix it. Earlier this year our speed decreased by 75%. The (same) tech tested our (six-year-old) modem and replaced it, and that fixed it. He said the cost of the new modem would appear in our next bill but it never was. The tech support folks are in Lubbock, BTW. A few months ago, AT&T's U-Verse became available and Suddenlink sent reps out to check on customer satisfaction. I trust Suddenlink 1000x more than AT&T and told them so. They also were running a 12-month promotional price for cable (which we have), and they signed us up for it without my mentioning it, saving us about $15/month.

Personal favorites
Breakfast tacos: Market Street.
BBQ: Rib Crib.
Family entertainment: Cactus Theatre, Texas Tech sports.
Italian food (I know, you didn't ask): One Guy from Italy

More answers you didn't ask for but am copying here from an e-mail I sent earlier this year to another TTU-grad-school-bound student from NC:

- Wind (sometimes 30-60mph in the spring) and dust (several days
throughout the year)
- Distance to larger cities (Phoenix 12 hrs.; Houston 9 hrs; San
Antonio 7 hrs.; Denver 9 hrs.; Oklahoma City 5.5 hrs.). Southwest
Airlines' presence helps mitigate this, though.
- Flatness of the land, dryness of the climate. But low humidity also
makes the summer heat bearable.
- Road construction (a major thoroughfare is being built and will be
for the next several years).

- Lubbock's economy, based on agriculture and education, is stronger
than most U.S. cities; the cost of living and gasoline is low; Lubbock
is growing
- Friendly people; many live here their entire lives; I've heard over
and over, and believe, it's a good place to raise a family
- Mild winters
- Music (home of many good musicians). Entertainment is plentiful.
- Lots of good businesses, so it's not hard to find car repair, home
repair, etc., from someone you can trust
- Traffic (no traffic jams; you can get anywhere in town within 20 minutes)
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Best answer: Plus, Lubbock is home to the American Wind Power Museum. It's amazing.
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