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I know that 2 or 3 years ago i had the pleasure of seeing Fred Camper's short film Welcome to Come. However, now it seems to not exist...anywhere. Can anyone help me see it again?!

On Fred Camper's website, he notes that "None of the above films is in distribution...None of my films is available on video, nor have I ever authorized the transfer of any to video, something I am very much opposed to. I don't think any video copies exist at present."

I'm pretty sure the copy i saw was 16mm. It MAY have been on video, though. It is really lovely, and features one of my favorite Beach Boys B-sides (You're Welcome)

Does anyone know, short of contacting Fred himself (who seems like a pretty strange character) where i can view this film, or ANY of his films? I plan on contacting him and going to his show at Pratt, but I would prefer to find a copy of this film in video or digital format, if AT ALL POSSIBLE.

It seems like pretty closely guarded stuff, which is odd. there is not a lot written about this dude.

Any and all help or clues would be greatly appreciated.
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Fred is a pretty strange character, but he's a nice guy and would probably respond to an email. He doesn't approve of video, as you note, but if you have access to a projector and someone who knows how to use it maybe he'd be willing to rent you a print? It's worth asking, anyway.
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2nding just asking him. he seems pretty accessible.
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