Need an excellent co-parenting book.
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What are some excellent co-parenting books?

I am looking for an excellent coparenting book. One that is positive and upbeat...filled with strategies, advice and inspiration for effective coparenting. Ideally something that both parties could read simultaneously. What I don't want is one that is centered on the nasty side of divorce and the divorce process. A touchy feelgood coparenting book for divorced bohemian types. :-P

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Have you looked at Smart Parenting during and after divorce?
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An oldie but goody is Mom's House, Dad's House.

Also check out government resources. Places like Family Courts often have a huge amount of "positive parenting after divorce" type resources available (oddly enough, one of the best providers of these resources here is our Child Support Agency), but people don't access them because they think of those places as solely adversarial.
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I'm going to second Loli'e suggestion of Mom's House, Dad's House. A dear friend who has an excellent co-parenting relationship with her ex attributes her success at working through some of the tough issues to this book. Their daughter is a remarkably well-adjusted kid.
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