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I'd like to learn how to control and manage all the video/audio codecs on my Win2K and XP computers. There's no control panel for this, unfortunately. I know sometimes I have several codecs installed that can play a particular video, but one has priority. How do I control which one, or disable/suspend others? How can I even tell what all I have installed? Gspot is helpful for peeking on a per-movie basis. What else is out there? Thanks!
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Don't bother doing any of that, it's not worth the effort. Just use VLC instead.
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I do actually use VLC and it plays everything. But being able to play everything isn't really what I'm after. I actually need to get a better grip on my codec situation so I can process video and audio with better control.
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Cool. And that looks like a great little blog. Thanks!
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Control Panel -> Sounds -> Hardware (tab) -> Audio Codecs/Video Codecs -> Properties -> Properties (tab) -> There they are!
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Hey! Wow. I wouldn't have looked there. Thanks.

Any idea how precedence is governed?
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Things on top take priority, me believes. But I could be wrong. There might not be a way to adjust priority except by uninstalling, then reinstalling. Even that might not work, however, because uninstalling doesn't always remove the actual files, and Windows might just keep the records so that when you decide to re-install it, it just pops right back into position again.

I hate Windows.
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Click on a particular codec, and choose properties (again!).
You can set priority there.
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