Help me find a short-term volunteer opportunity
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Can you steer me towards a short-term (40 hours) volunteer opportunity with kids in San Francisco during the next month?

I know there are plenty of resources out there to find longer-term, ongoing volunteer opportunities but I'm looking for something very specific. I'd like to volunteer in San Francisco with kids - any age - for a week or so sometime during the next month. I can start on August 3 and need to wrap up by August 24.

Any Bay Area mefites that know of a camp or summer school situation that might welcome some additional help for a week or so? I'm interested in doing just about anything with an educational focus. Thanks.
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You may want to check out an organization called "One Brick." They're a sort of "temp agency" for volunteers - the problem a lot of people have volunteering is that they have very finite availability, and a lot of organizations sometimes ask for longer term commitments.

But many organizations sometimes have parties or benefits or one-night-only things like that where they need a lot of extra hands on deck. One Brick maintains a calendar of these kinds of events, and recruits volunteers for these events. You sign up with One Brick, and then you can look over their calendar of "upcoming events" and what the volunteer commitment is - and then reserve your spot through One Brick. Then you show up at the event and they put you to work.

They tend towards the one-day thing -- the event I worked on was a "take your tiny dog on a boat ride to benefit an animal shelter" kind of thing -- but I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't a couple "Help escort kids to the science museum" kinds of things in there somewhere.
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The obvious one that comes to mind is 826valencia. I'm a volunteer at the Chicago chapter of this organization, and my experience was that it took some time after my application to volunteer to be called in, and of course since I'm working with kids, they did a background check first. Positions helping out with their summer workshops are likely to be taken, but it still might not hurt to contact them and see if they need any additional help.
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