I need to find a giood electronics SUPPLY shop in NYC.
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Looking for an electronics supply store in NYC. LEDs, resistors, kits. Not boomboxes, televisions and Playstations. Suggestions?

So, I got my Arudino kit last week. And now I'm gonzo. I'd like to find a reliable Electronics Supply show in NYC- Someplace where I can stock up on LEDs and resistors and all the other little gizmos that make my life such a joy recently.

I'm sure there must several of them, but Googling brings up a lot of electric APPLIANCE stores. So, nerdlingers, point me in the right direction! Anyplace in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens etc. is fine, so long as I have a reasonable selection of stuff and can get there via subway/bus. Bonus points for workshops or "hip" joints that might carry stuff like Arduino shields etc etc. But anything will do.
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B&H Video?

Not sure if this is the type of stuff you're referring to.

They may also have a better suggestion.
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radio shack still has resistors and leds, right?

other than that, digikey. the economics of a local place that you can browse around for these dirt-cheap components is questionable.

you might also benefit from googling something like "hacker spaces nyc".
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The folks behind NYC Resistor might be able to help. See also.
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The NYU Computer store stocks a decent amount of stuff. You only need to be a student to buy an Arduino. I think the rest is fair game.

Radio Shack is a possibility too, but expensive and not a big selection.

I think the Pratt bookstore also sells some small odds n ends.
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The computer bookstore at NYU is the best place I've found to buy this stuff retail in the city. It has a surprisingly good selection because of the connection to ITP at Tisch, and Tom Igoe (a professor who’s name you might recognize from some arduino lit).

Collective buying at places like NYC Resistor and ordering online will get you better deals, but it’s nice to have a look at some of the stuff, in the flesh. Er... silicon?
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I should note, though, that their selection is, in the absolute sense, small. You really need to order this stuff online. Radio Shack is waaaay overpriced.
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Yeah, RadioShack is heinous on about everything. I popped in for a headphone cord extender the other day. $1 at a dollar store, SIXTEEN at Radioshack. Ugh.
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i went to itp and third the nyu computer store for when you need to buy things in person RIGHT NOW, but really the best solution is to just buy stuff onlineā€”it's all fairly cheap, the selection is way better, and you can buy small quantities.
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Barry Electronics has been around since the dawn of time, and should be able to get you what you need.
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269 Canal in Chinatown has some stuff. Go all the way to the back of the store.
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Also, check out Tom's list of nyc suppliers.
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Adafruit are very cool folks, and if they don't have what you need, would also be a good resource for finding it. http://www.adafruit.com/blog/about/
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Oops - here's a link for adafruit
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