Good online dating sites for UK people?
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Good online dating sites in the UK that aren't cheap and tacky?

I'm embracing online dating. Typically for a MeFi user, things like intelligence and even sophistication matter to me. Additionally, although it's not a driving factor in my choice, I also want to explore my sexuality and would like to make this clear, but some of the sexually-oriented sites seem pretty horrendous. I'm not after brief sexual encounters, but am looking for sexual maturity, I guess.

What sites have worked for you? I don't mind paying to join.
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Back up a few hours.
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you might want to start with this related AskMe posted yesterday:

Good UK dating sites for people who can spell?
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argh...waited after my preview. Meerkatty has it.
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To answer your latter question, We're now married. I was too cheap to pay though so I managed to get her phone number within the 14 days, haha.
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I'm not sure if it's appropriate for you (given that you don't mention your gender or sexuality), but worked very well for me.

Filling my profile with lots of info for people to read and being clear about what I'm looking for really seems to have cut down on the weirdo's.
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By popular consensus, the favorite dating site of Mefites seems to be I've only used it in the United States, so I can't vouch for it as a UK site, but I know there are some UK folks on there -- it's worth trying out (free).

As for "sexual maturity," I'd avoid getting into specifics in your profile or early interactions with people. Not that it's not important -- of course it is -- but you'd risk turning people off who might otherwise be good matches. That side of things will probably be a bit of a mystery at first, but you can look for other proxies: someone within your age range, social values that aren't drastically inconsistent with yours, significant relationship experience, etc.

As for finding people who are adequately sophisticated, intelligent, etc., my advice is to be specific and honest in your profile, and avoid characterizing people (yourself or others) with adjectives like "sophisticated" or "intelligent."
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At least two people I know have found success through Guardian SoulMates - run by The Guardian newspaper. I think it's free and probably a fairly MeFi type demographic as well.
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Guardian Soulmates isn't free. It's about 25 pounds a month.
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