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Where's the best buffet places and hip clothing shops in Hong Kong?

My brother (who's 13) and myself (25yo) will be heading to Hong Kong by August 6-10. Please give me your buffet restaurant recommendations (any type of cuisine), budget HKD600 for two. Also, what are Topshop-like stores there that are affordable we can go shopping to? Thank you very much. We will be staying at The Luxe Manor Hotel in Kowloon.
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The Chowhound boards have lots of great info for foodies on the move - here's their China page, with about half the posts about Hong Kong.
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Ah yes, one of the buffet restaurant capitals of the world. By all means, go to Cafe Kool at the Shangri-la Hotel, in Kowloon. Price should be 300 HKD per person, may vary depending on time/day of week. They do an "international" buffet, with a mix of cuisines. I had lunch there with my family, following a recommendation by my (foodie) aunt, who lives in Hong Kong. Everything looked/was delicious, moreover, it easily blew away the hotel buffets I've tried in e.g. North America.
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(You will see on the Chowhounds boards a mention of Cafe Too--apparently it's the sister restaurant at the Island hotel, and pricier, maybe due to location.)
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The buffet at the Langham Place in Mongkok may just scrape into your budget - double check. It's very yummy.

Hong Kong is to buffets what The Vatican is to priests. Make some extra notches in the belt, they will come in handy.
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I assume this is the Luxe Manor in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST). (I googled that.) So here's what I remember off the top of my head, I haven't been in HK since last Christmas.

For the Topshop like stores, Langham Place and Mong Kok are good places to just wander around, you can find the big chains like Giordano, G2000, etc although none of those are really Topshop-y. There's also H&M, I know for sure there is one inside Langham Place.

Closer to your hotel, you could check out the i.t. store. That's my favorite in HK I think. There's one inside Miramar Centre on Nathan Road. And finally Harbour City has a zillion stores.

Buffets in HK are awesome, and yes, prepare to overeat, but I can't really give you any suggestions, because I haven't been to one in a long time. The ones we usually went to were in hotels, so that might be a good place to start. Because of the hotel density, TST looks as good a place as any to start, and you can go across the harbour to HK too.

Have fun!
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