Passing off calls with Skype?
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Help with some logistics questions for Skype as a home use landline/cell replacement.

In order to save some scratch, I've gone to prepaid cell plans in my home. My family plan previously had over 8000 rollover minutes with 900 expiring every month- we don't talk a lot.

I've been using Google voice redirecting to a SkypeIn phone number for home use (to save on cell minutes), using my desktop PC mainly to take calls.

My question is this- how do I get around the fact that any incoming calls will have to be taken at my desk? (Especially when calls aren't for me?) I looked at the Skype forums and it looks like you can't pass off calls/transfer to another Skype client. It looks like you can transfer to another account with Skype pro but that is no longer offerered (and I'd like to avoid the hassle of multiple accounts and the additional subscription fee)

I'd rather not get a Skype to landline phone adapter (I dont even have a regular phone around) and I all the wifi Skype phones I've seem have pretty poor reviews.

Any recommendations on good hardware or other ideas?
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My husband has one skype account, but often more than one computer signed in at a time. The sounds come out of both computers (whether texts or incoming calls).
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Wireless headsets? I guess you'll still have to push the answer button at your desk though.
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Maybe I don't understand your problem - in Google Voice you can add multiple phone numbers you'd like to have ring when a call comes in. You can have it ring Skype (running on your computer, smartphone, iPod/Phone, wherever) and cellphone at the same time, answer whichever you'd like, or switch the call back-and-forth between them mid-call.

If the call isn't for you, but all calls for your family come in through one Google Voice number, then after you answer you'd just press the button to transfer the call to a different phone listed in your GV account.

Or if you're just looking to move around the room while you talk, then a Bluetooth headset paired to the computer is what I'd try.
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I bought a Dlink DPH-50U, which is a small box which connects to your computer via USB and to a telephone / your home phones. So when someone calls me on Skype, it rings my cordless phone. It seems to work pretty well, but the people that I speak with report that I sound really staticy. I'm not sure if it's the cordless phone I'm using or the device itself or the computer that I have it all connected to. I'll be doing some troubleshooting this week. They are currently only $20.

You could also buy one of the WIFI phones listed on Skype's store. They run for around $100 - $150. These connected directly to Skype themselves via your WIFI network and you don't need a computer intermediary to use them.
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