Is it safe to use Resolve Carpet Cleaner?
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Is it safe to use Resolve carpet cleaner?

BACKGROUND INFO: House-sitting at my mother's house. Spilled a dark drink on the floor, and am wondering whether or not to use this Resolve carpet cleaner that I found under her kitchen sink (red, spray bottle).

Is this stuff toxic? Does it cause any adverse side effects (e.g., genetic or reproductive side effects)? My mother has a small, 1 yr. old puppy. Is it safe to use in a household with a young pet?

Which cleaners do you use for stain removal? What do you consider safe to use?
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Best answer: You wouldn't want to drink it, I'm sure, but according to this data sheet you don't seem to have anything to worry about. BTW, I use Resolve all the time and we have a cat and a dog. They offer a "pet" version of the product, in fact. BTW, the stuff works great.
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I have a one year old puppy, and just used Resolve today for probably the 10th time in the last year. Puppy is fine. Resolve is awesome. Use away.
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Looking at the MSDS I'd agree, you don't want to drink it but it'll dissipate quickly and not cause lasting harm. I'm amused it's mostly rubbing alcohol, which is what I swear by for carpet stains.
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we use it all the time for pet accidents... not a problem.
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Safe for you? Yes
Safe for your fabrics? Test. I had a chair that I used Resolve on to remove a stain and it sure did, along with the dye in that fabric.
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I use it on almost everything, clothes, shoes, purses, suitcases, etc. (well, anything my cat pees on, uggh) and it works really well, with no problems concerning the pets.
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I agree on testing it first--Resolve often bleaches out fabrics, and it's especially noticeable with darker colors. I've had some nasty experiences with Resolve removing a stain but then leaving ugly lighter patches on carpet that are at least as noticeable as the stains. So test in a small area and be sure to wash it out really, really well. If it doesn't lighten the color, go ahead and use it.
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I will note (anecdotal, but...) that our two cats seem to find the smell of Resolve fascinating and will even attempt to lick it after we apply. Keep an eye on the puppy and don't let him do so if he also expresses interest in eating poison.

(Mind you, these two cats are the same ones who spent hours taking it in turns to bat at a wasp they'd found until it stung their paws. I guess they figured it had to run out of sting sometime.)
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