So hungry I could eat a, well, horse.
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Are there any restaurants in NW Oregon (Portland/Salem/Northern coast) that can dish me up some raw horse meat? I'd like to try basashi. If I must, I'll settle for steak tartare made from horse.
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Maybe you've seen this, but it looks like your chances are slim. The author got around it by having some shipped from Canada. Is this an option for you?
I'd say good luck but...
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Response by poster: I hadn't seen that. Dammit. I guess I could go to Vancouver and have a Cohiba afterward.
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Yeah, you need to go to Canada or Mexico for this, probably. Cuban cigars either way, too.

You could also consider taking this guy with you.
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Response by poster: He enjoys rap. No dice.
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I saw the tartar on the specials chalkboard at this place in Vancouver, B.C. once.
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