Recommendations for an online Document Management System?
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Recommendations for an online Document Management System? Looking to host ~10 years of mixed files online (minutes, proposals, etc.), and have it be easily accessible and searched.

I'm looking to move the entire record of our organization: minutes, proposals, amendments, flyers, and so forth online (This amounts to 10 years of weekly documents), to make them accessible to the general membership and public. I'm trying to find an online program or system that would easily structure these documents, sort them by date, and allow for searching. We're looking for either a free service, or open source package. Nothing should require you to log in, so there is no need for accounts except for administrator access. We also don't need access control (such as checking in/out documents).

I've been toying around with different things for a while now. We tried to use Scribd, which made documents very easy to read and accessible, but I found that it was difficult to sort by date and unwieldy with large numbers of documents. There were a few others that didn't work for various reasons. Knowledgetree was too caught up in version control. My latest attempt is with Owl Knowledgebase, though the normal version has too many features that we don't need and makes file access difficult. Owl-lite actually comes closest to what we need, and I've been doing my best to customize it. However, it has difficulty sorting by dates. So, any ideas? How have you overcome the obstacle of structuring documents online?
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Omeka? From the people who brought us Zotero.
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I have used for my online files. It works for my small number and can be searched and ordered by date. You can make files public and it can easily handle mixed file types.
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Omeka looks like it might work - trying it now. Thanks!
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