Videos to inoculate against cringing
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Please suggest videos (or audio) to help inoculate me against cringing.

I'm trying to greatly desensitize myself to the embarrassment of other people. As a reference point, I sometimes have trouble finishing the Miss Teen South Carolina video, though I have done it.

So, please suggest particularly cringe-inducing videos of people being embarrassed. The more hard-core the better.

Thanks !!!
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Watch the entire run of the UK version of The Office.
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Response by poster: Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

LOL... I actually saw that last weekend, and I did have to stop halfway through before finishing. Thanks though.
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boom goes the dynomite
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The Newlywed Game
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Comedy Central has a relatively new show called Tosh 2.0 that seems to be all about cringe-inducing internet videos.
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Try to sit through that video of the hippies singing that lol cat song to the tune of "Come Together".

My personal best is 15 seconds. So I'm in your shoes. I'm sure others have done better. If that doesn't cure you, nothing will.
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Go see Bruno.
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Best answer: Not only does keyboard cat document such embarrassing occurrences, he helps you to not cringe so much when you watch them. His ditty is a regular feature of my life now, playing every time somebody pulls a show-stopper and/or needs the hook.

Also, Stupid Game Show Answers
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Watch anything by Todd Solondz
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Most anything Ricky Gervais has made is full of fictional, cringe-worthy moments, especially the already-mentioned UK version of the Office and Extras.

Also in a similar vein, the Channel 4 british show Peep Show

The Palin-Couric interview, a good portion of Bushisms.
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Oh, and any videos by/about BikerFox, especially the first 2 on this page
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Curb Your Enthusiasm
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Best answer: This should do the trick.
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New show on HBO called "Eastbound and Down" is 100x more cringe-worthy than The Office. Bigoted, obnoxious, foul-mouthed, and utterly hilarious.
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Coupling is also good.
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Alan Partridge
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Try watching Monk. The show is hilarious and well done, but so awkward I couldn't make it past two episodes. I am a fellow empathic embarrassment sufferer.
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Watch a few Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games. Or, follow them the whole season.

Cringe worthy, indeed.
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Response by poster: Weird that so many people are affected by television shows. Knowing that's it's fake renders me completely immune.
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Have you seen Fail Blog? It's basically just pictures & short video clips of people/things failing in one way or another.
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Best answer: Oh, sweet Jesus. From aheckler's link, I found this, which I may just try to turn into my new ringtone.
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