Looking for a place is Vegas that has scantily-clad waitresses - not a strip club - not a Hooters
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Bachelor weekend in Vegas - looking for a place that has great food and scantily clad waitresses. Not a strip club. Better than Hooters. Would be eating dinner there.

The future groom is not interested in naked women - scantily clad women are fine, though! I'm not looking for a Hooters - something a little more upscale. Any help would be really appreciated.
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Well, there's the CatHouse at the Luxor. Steakhouse-type New American cuisine with hostesses in lingerie. Don't know if the waitstaff is scantily-clad though.
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A portion of my bachelor party took place at The Burger Brasserie at Paris. Waitresses wear a sort-of cheerleader outfit; (really) short, pleated skirts, lots of bare midriffs and plunging necklines.

Food was slighty-upscale burgers and sides, but really well done and enjoyable.
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Last time I was there for a bachelor party, we had dinner at Tao. The waitresses were hot. It turns into a club after dinner, but you have to pay admission to get in (even if you had dinner there). Actually, screw Tao.
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At the Hawaiian Tropic Zone at Planet Hollywood the waitresses wear string bikinis. Afterwards you can go inside to the Pleasure Pit to gamble where all the dealers are models and wear lingerie.
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Hawaiian Tropic Zone, good call. The bar food there is surprisingly gourmet-good, but I don't know about the entrees. It's a lot of fun to sit at the bar for an hour or so during the day before it gets really busy.
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