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Seeking great food in Frederick, MD area! We're looking for one or two tasty places to 'cater' (i.e., takeout) our small, laid back rehearsal dinner north of Frederick. Preferably casual food with a regional flavor. The internets are not offering up a lot--can you help?

Our ideal menu would have (inexpensive) regional food, like crab or Maryland fried chicken, but we're open to other ideas, and we're not scared by hole-in-the-wall restaurants. The dinner itself won't be onsite--we're doing it at a cabin in Thurmont--so the space isn't an issue either.

We live an hour south of Frederick, so we can happily go taste-test any suggestions. Doc Geiser's? Rubes Crab Shack?
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Have you looked at the Jug Bridge Inn? It's off MD-144 south of Frederick, across from the Spring Ridge development, in the bit where 144 is a divided highway, before it merges with I-70 to the south and becomes a city street to the north. I haven't been there in 5+ years, but when I was there before, they had decent crab.

Mays, which is off of 355 just to the north of the Francis Scott Key Mall. Definitely less upscale, definitely has crabcakes.

There's also a really great little restaurant off of Rosemont Ave west of 15 (across the street from Ft. Detrick). I forget the name, but I remember the sign has a shamrock on it. Great crabcakes, better than Mays I'd say. I can't remember the name (I haven't lived in Frederick in 2 years), but I can ask my contacts. MeMail if you're curious.
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The Shamrock Restaurant is just north of Thurmont on 15; they have the kind of menu you're talking about, and they do parties, although I'm not sure whether they cater offsite.

The Cozy is also in Thurmont -- they do catering as well.
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Seconding Cozy. In fact they catered my wedding. Great fried chicken.
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Alterscape is talking about Callahan's (shamrock sign on Rosemont Avenue), and I don't get there often but always have soft shelled crab when I'm there and it's excellent.

Doc Geiser's has the best fried chicken on earth and is the only fried chicken I will eat.

Chubby's Barbeque is right on US 15 at Emmitsburg and I consider it in a class by itself for nearly everything on the menu. I have never had better stuff anywhere and the portions are huge.

My personal choice of those I list would be something from Chubby's.
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I like Shamrock, their food when I had it like 5 years ago was good. (imjustsaying, the Shamrock is in Thurmont, not Frederick, so Callahan's is a different place.)

My folks live in Thurmont and the local place they like is called Thurmont Kountry Kitchen on Water St. It's casual diner-type food, but I believe they have a deli and homemade pies as well. Don't know if they cater, but the phone number is 301-271-4071 so you could call and ask.
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sarahnade, Alterscape was referencing Callahan's when he referred to the really great little restaurant off of Rosemont Ave west of 15 (across the street from Ft. Detrick). I forget the name, but I remember the sign has a shamrock on it.

I realize the Shamrock restaurant is in Thurmont and have eaten there numerous times. However, Callahan's, on Rosemont Ave, in Frederick, also has had a Shamrock on it's sign.
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I'm a big fan of two area mini-chains: Chicken Out (like Boston Market, but much tastier), and La Madeleine (french cafe breakfasty/lunchy goodness). They're both relatively cheap and fast, although La Madeleine tends to load up with people on Sunday mornings.
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There's a great place in downtown Frederick called The Orchard. They do great food and the owners (Jim & Eileen Hickey) are wonderful. I waitressed there as a high-schooler 20 years ago...went back about 5 years ago and they recognized me as soon as I walked in the door...great family run business. I don't know if they do exactly what you're looking for, but I do know that you wouldn't be disappointed in their food & service!
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