Looking for an anecdote to do with Fahrenheit 9/11's release
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I'm looking for an anecdote I read around the time of Fahrenheit 9/11's release. It was about a young woman who is confronted in the queue for F9/11 after she lights up her cigarette. I believe it was from a Livejournal, and I think I saw it somewhere on MeFi, but damned if I can find it. [caveated inside]

I asked in a certain unnamed irc channel which site this should be posted on, but they're mostly jackasses incapable of giving snark-free responses (you know who you are). Care to curb the trend?
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It sounds vaguely familiar....Can you be any more specific about what happens with the young woman? Was there a quote attributed to her or something? Was she being confronted for smoking or for something else?
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I remember it too...She and her boyfriend were standing in line in...Santa Cruz?...and they lit up and lady behind them told them to put it out (they were all standing outside) and the girl and her boyfriend decided not to. I even think the crazy lady threatened to call the cops. Oh, and the crazy lady's husband was all "I don't want to get involved" or something like that...was it...this?
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inviolable nailed it. Thanks!
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