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Where can I find a replacement dust cover for a technics turntable and replacement record sleeves?

I've cracked the dust cover (or lid) on my technics turntable. I thought it would be pretty easy to find a replacement on google but no luck. I'm also looking for record sleeves--preferably the internal paper covers that go inside the outer cardboard sleeve, or external plastic to go over the cardboard sleeve. It would be nice if they were extra cheap as I have quite a lot of records. Toronto area would also be ideal, or a reputable on-line source.
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a local record store might have sleeves available, but probably won't have prices as cheap as Bags Unlimited. The inner paper sleeves are sold separately from cardboard sleeves or plastic outers.
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For the Technics replacement parts your local music/dj shop may be able to order for you if they don't already have them in stock, ditto for use record store. If those don't pan out, TurntableLab also seems to have what you might be looking for:
Dust Cover
LP Sleeve
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I second sleevetown: great prices, fast shipping, and you can get a couple samples of the fancy/expensive sleeves for free with your order. Their "Diskeeper 2.0 Antistatic Record Sleeves" are great -- much better for your records than a standard paper sleeve, and they only cost a few bucks more per pack!
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Don't neglect to check eBay for spare parts machines. (Better luck with parts for older tables, though.)
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Response by poster: Awesome resources for sleeves--thanks, crafty mefites! Still hoping to find out where I can get the dust cover (no luck on ebay). I found one online retailer selling them but they were discontinued. My problem is that my technics is a base model, not a fancy dj machine. Not sure a dj shop would have what I'm after. Can anyone in the Toronto area recommend a good dj source though?
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These folks make new dust covers. It'll probably be more than the table is worth normally, though, so you may just want to superglue it.
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