I'm trying to share my PC's net connection with my BT phone, not the other way around
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How do I share my computer's (wired) Internet connection with a smartphone, over bluetooth? That's PC->BT->phone, not phone-as-modem->PC.

I've got a Motorola Q9h (AT&T) WM6 smartphone, which is my work PDA and my personal phone.
It's great on the smart, as a nifty PDA; but it's not so hot on the phone - the call quality is bad.

I can just swap out the SIM to a better phone-phone and cancel the data plan that made it a good PDA.

What I'd like to do is keep using the Q9h as my work PDA - but the only way it would be functional (for my uses) is if I could get Internet on it through some other means when I'm in the office and at my house.

The Q9h does not appear to have WiFi (unless there's some hack I haven't found?), and the Micro-SD WiFi card is still a dream.

So I thought I'd look into a Bluetooth PAN to share the internet connection from my PC with my phone. But all the HowTos I'm finding are for doing it the other way - sharing the phone's mobile data connection with a non-connected laptop = "tethering".

How do I do the opposite - share a PC's internet connection over bluetooth and access it via a Windows Mobile smartphone?

Anyone done this?
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"Internet over bluetooth" with a PAN is what I could think of. From what I've quickly browsed through it appears that some key functionality is disabled in your phone by AT&T. So you might not be able to do what you want, but it could be worth your while to research some more.
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Here's a guide to doing that for WM2003 and XP sp2 - It should at least provide some guidance. If you can't find the Windows Mobile bluetooth programs the guide mentions on your PDA, load "File Manager", go into the options and un-check the "Hide hidden files" and "Hide system files". Then browse the "windows" directory until you find them.
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