Multiple domains, one hosting package, same content. Why?
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Why does the domain I just registered and added to my existing hosting account (with 1and1) contain the same files and folders as a domain that was already on that hosting package?

When I registered the new domain, I connected via FTP and noticed that it contained exactly the same directory and file structure as a domain that was already setup on that hosting package. If I make any changes to the new domain via ftp, it affects the existing domain as well. Obviously I'd like to be able to have different content on this new domain, but I can't figure out how to make that happen!
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You're confusing two separate things. Your hosting space is the space on the server where you store all your stuff. A domain is just the URL that points there. You can have multiple domain names pointing to the same place. Thus, when you bought the new domain, they just pointed it to your existing hosting space.

Since you want separation of content, the easiest thing to do is to create a folder in your hosting space. Then, from your 1and1 control panel, click on "Domains", and edit the destination of your new domain to point to that new folder. Then, anything you put in that folder will appear as though it's in the root of your new domain.
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Best answer: I'm on 1and1 and have done this before.

You've got to have different root folders for each domain. Go into your admin panel, Domains, and look at the destination column in the grid that pops up. They're probably pointing to the same destination. That means they're looking at the same files for each domain. What you'll want to do here at least is make a folder when you FTP into the site, and put things for the second domain in there, and then point the destination of the second domain to the folder you just created.

Feel free to reply back with questions, I'll watch this one through the day.
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It's possible you have them linked to the same index page were they behave like mirrors to one another. You may have to set up a completely separate hosting account - or talk to someone at 1and1 about using the same sever but not the same index page.

This might simply mean adding a folder to your account that is
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Response by poster: That fixed it perfectly. Thanks for the explanation.
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Just an aside, for people that come across this thread, that you have to do the same thing for subdomains as well. They show up in the same place, and you edit the destination in the same manner.
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Response by poster: One additional question related to this. I have it setup and working now, however, when I go to, I can see the contents. Is there a way to make that directory (/destinationforthenewdomain) only visible when you go to
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Best answer: entropic, from your site root, create a new subdirectory ./firstdomain/ and copy all the files that should be on firstDomain there, then point to ./firstdomain in the controlpanel. So your site root should include only ./firstdomain/ and ./destinationforthenewdomain/, with each site's files under the respective directories. I'm not familiar with 1and1 so this may not work, but that's roughly how I'd do it.
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Response by poster: Hmm, I tried that, and now I'm getting a 403 - forbidden error. I may just need to give it more time to take effect. Would the fact that firstdomain is a wordpress install complicate this?
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Response by poster: Scratch that, working perfectly now. Thanks for all the help!
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