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So we're buying a house (cheap) in Pittsfield, Mass., and will be moving from Peekskill, NY sometime in January. We got an estimate from a Big Mover and it came to thousands and thousands of dollars. We'd love to use the kind of local guys with a truck, careful technique, and impeccable honesty that we used in NYC; does anybody happen to know such people in either city (or vicinity)? Because if we just throw darts at the Yellow Pages I know we're going to regret it.
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Nope, but I know that Pittsfield is a gorgeous area. Congrats on escaping the terrible fate that is being a neighbor of George Pataki.
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Best answer: This is probably no help at all, but I once hired a man in Great Barrington who moved my stuff from Westchester to Egremont. I didn't have a lot of stuff, but his price was very reasonable. If I recall, something like $100. He would otherwise have come back empty from a trip down to that area. I think his name was Bill. There must be somebody in GB to ask. Who could that be? Email me and I'll give you some names to try. Northcoastcafe@gmail.com
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You're moving to my 'hood, languagehat. (Sorta. We're up in Savoy.) Welcome!

No advice on movers, but if you need plumbers, contractors, roofers, etc., my email is in my profile; I can suggest a few to love and a few to avoid.
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I'd check for movers via a networking group, like www.bnimass.com to find some in the area, or else contact their chamber of commerce.
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Word to Peekskill.

I grew up on top of Elm St.
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I don't know of any movers in your area, but I can offer a piece of advice for using local movers, based on a recent experience I had moving up the peninsula to San Francisco: PACK ALL YOUR OWN STUFF. I got an estimate from a reputable/recommended moving company who gave me a quote based on moving my 1-bedroom apartment, nothing special. Although I had most of my posessions in boxes, I had several items (heavy stereo components, artwork, etc.) that I didn't box up, figuring I would tote them myself.

Well, in the chaos of moving I ended up just telling the moving foreman to go ahead and put everything in their truck. They proceeded to do QUITE a fine job wrapping and packing my goods, ensuring their safe transit (which is important, of course.) But when I got the bill, my jaw hit the floor -- the PACKING MATERIALS cost more than the movers themselves! My quote for the movers was probably $800, but I ended up paying closer to $2000 because of the packing materials, which they ARE NOT up front about, and will only volunteer the pricing for if asked. I didn't ask, having no concept or expectation of how outrageous the price would be. And then you're supposed to tip each mover on top of that. Lesson learned, but I suspect they nab a LOT of extra profit by providing this service.

I'm not saying this would happen to you (or even would be true of most moving companies) but save yourself some potential sticker shock by doing as much up front work as possible, so the movers only have to MOVE.

Also check craigslist.org in your area, I found a few potential movers there and most offer references.
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Welcome to the area. You missed Northampton, which is the best city ever, but close enough ;)
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Would Big & Gentle be able to recommend someone in your area?
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You missed Northampton, which is the best city ever

Well, if you're a lesbian.

I kid, I kid. I love Noho. Used to go there all the time.

Have fun in western MA, languagehat! It's a beautiful place to live in, and (if you're so inclined) a great place to raise kids.

They'll only thank you for it later, though, after they've moved down to NYC; for while beautiful, the Pioneer Valley / Appalachia region is also boring as hell. Even given such cultural oases (so to speak) as Northampton, North Adams & Pittsfield.

I can speak with experience as one of said MA-raised children =) Now that I live in Jersey and commute to Manhattan, I'm thankful for having grown up in a place where everything was a bit slower and more sane, and the daily landscapes were more picturesque than not.
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Although I can't speak for them directly, I've heard very good things about Ideal Movers, located in Belchertown, MA. A previous employer used them exclusively for moving materials and relocating an employee.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions and/or reassurances, everyone!
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