[Bookfilter] Help me find a book from my mother's childhood!
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For years, my mom has been talking about tracking down a children's book she remembers reading in the 50's. She swears it's part of the Little Golden Books series, and it tells the story of a town that feeds a snowman ice cream until he explodes, causing the town to be blanketed with ice cream. Does this ring any bells?

I would love to be able to hunt down a copy of whatever book she's thinking of, so any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Sounds like The Littlest Snowman by Charles Tazewell.
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Best answer: Pic of cover

Description from Loganberry:

Charles Tazewell, The Littlest Snowman, orig 1955, illust 1958, copyright. There is a book called The Littlest Snowman where on a fresh snowy Christmas-time morning a little boy makes The Littlest Snowman. The Littlest Snowman comes to life when his heart is pressed in place. The townspeople parade to the center of town where the biggest Christmas tree is all decorated. The Littlest Snowman lights the tree and the weatherman in attendance predicts a white Christmas. Later, the Snow Ball is held and snow people from all over town come to party. Suddenly the thermometer starts dropping and the snow people start melting. The temperature stays high for weeks and weeks and the Red Cross is called in to care for The Littlest Snowman who has been getting too thin. All the other snow people have melted. It's Christmas Eve and the weather man is very upset that his prediction was wrong and there won't be any snow for Christmas morning. They go and buy all the flavored ices at the factory and the Littlest Snowman eats them all up and gets very fat again. He climbs to the top of the Christmas tree and lets the wind blow him all over town all night long. All the different flavored ices spread all over town in drifts of rainbow-colored snow. It is a most beautiful Christmas morning and the townspeople look for the Littlest Snowman, but of course, he's missing. Everyone gathers up the white part of the snow and takes it to the little boy who made him. The little boy builds him again and feeds him four gallons of ice cream. They place him back on top of the big tree where his heart is still laying. They place his heart back on and he enjoys all Christmas week watching from the top of the tree. So, could this be the book you remember? It was and is one of my favorite childhood books.
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks so much iconomy! That must be the book she's been talking about.
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You're welcome! It's really sweet of you to hunt this down to surprise her.
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